AUDIOPROBE LISA1 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone Review

Little Facts About AudioProbe AUDIOPROBE is an audio solutions company founded by audio engineer Lynott Kim and professional recording e...

Little Facts About AudioProbe

AUDIOPROBE is an audio solutions company founded by audio engineer Lynott Kim and professional recording engineer JJ Lee in 2010 with the goal of developing various high quality audio devices. We have been part of the digital recording industry since 1990. With our diverse and in-depth experience in the industry, we strike a balance between innovative digital skills and a strong analog foundation.

AUDIOPROBE now offers its 2015 line of products. With the highest level of design proficiency backed by an understanding of musicians and engineers, we offer a richer and more sophisticated experience for our clients.


  • Flawless Analog Circuitry and Use of Qualified Components.
  • Advanced and Reliable Digital Signal Processing.
  • Innovative Low Latency Device Driver Design.
  • Encompassing Electroacoustic Engineering.
  • Observation of Human Experience.

Developing State of Art Audio Solution

There is no way to deny that AudioProbe is a company which designed and developed their products to meet the world market standard. The awarded Spartan A audio interface as an Editors Choice 2014 is one of the instances that show the product from the company is pretty much quality-oriented. While most of the audio interfaces are made in China and now we can actually find something fresh. PROUDLY MADE IN KOREA.

Not Only About Interface

To get the best companion for the interface, the company has made a challenging decision which is to develop the LISA microphone. In order to keep their microphone fit perfectly to any audio interface on the market, they have enclosed two essential components - professional grade diaphragm & also impedance converter.

Today, we are going to review one of their flagship model in LISA series, LISA1. Why? This is because we think that this microphone is gonna be one of the most affordable, great quality, as well as durable studio condenser microphone in 2017 for most of you who enjoy home recording! Yes, we mean't it! Sounds fishy? Please continue to read it.

What AudioProbe Say?

All models of LISA cardioid microphone series are equipped with large diaphragms for precise wide-dynamic-range recording.

With studio professionals in mind, LISA9 is furnished with a 35mm diaphragm and a high-quality preamp. It will provide the precise recording capability for both voice and acoustic instruments.

34mm diaphragms, which both LISA1 and LISA3 are equipped with, are rarely found in other products within the similar price range. To ensure the best performance within home acoustic environments, LISA1&3 is designed as microphones with extra sensitivity, suitable for voice recording and Podcasting. Both models are bundled with a desktop tripod for your out-of-the-box recording experience.

LISA1 is available in two colors: Red and White. In addition to the same 34mm diaphragm, LISA3 has the internal low-cut switch.

Experience the sounds of LISA microphones by yourself.

What We Say?

Let the result speak, you hear the differences. If you are home recording user, you are definitely lucky enough to read this because this microphone gonna save you big bulks from getting other microphones which perform the same quality as this.

Listen to the song where the whole vocal are fully recorded with LISA1.

Interesting? Here is few points we would like to highlight why you should get this.

1. Highly Portable Gear - Anywhere Recording
Can you imagine that the microphone is just as small as your palm size (or probably smaller than that)? The LISA microphone is designed to be 30% smaller than any of the microphone in the market.  Other than that, it is light enough which will never be a burden to bring around. You don't only bring the microphone, instead you bring along the sound quality.

2. Pick The Color That Fits Your Character
The LISA1 is available in 2 colors: Red and White. They are not only came with trendy look, but also has a metalic feel on their capsule. 

3. 34 mm Large Gold Plated Diaphragm
34 mm? Mathematically, 34 mm is about 1.34 inches. This is a large diaphragm condenser microphone. With quality large diaphragm, you are able to reproduce warm and smooth sound with LISA1. As we know, GOLD is a very effective electrical conductor. The LISA1 diaphragm is spluttered with a thin layer of gold on its surface. With this techniques, the microphone has much better transient response to any frequencies. The use of gold spluttering techniques are usually applied on any mid to high end condenser microphone.
Image is just an illustration and does not represent the real entity.

4. Low Noise FET Impedance Converter
The high quality discrete components used to build LISA1 allow the microphone works perfectly with any of the audio interface in the market regardless of solid state, tube or any other preamp. Noise level is low even at gain of +40dB. From our experience, you will get low noise, rich mid, and smooth low end for your recording. Highly recommended for vocal recording.

5. Seriously Affordable For Any Home Recording Starter or Budget User Who Wants To Achieve Quality Recording
A lot of you might be thinking, would this be too costly for all the fancy features? Surprisingly, you can get this microphone with a very little starting price that you can hardly find on any other microphone which share the same characteristics.

Behringer B1
Gold Spluttered
Diaphragm Size
MYR 460
MYR 689
MYR 3200

Highly Recommended To:

1. Solo musicians or budget users who just want an affordable but quality microphone to start their home recording projects.
2. Travelling musicians who always need a compact microphone to make demo
3. Live Streaming/Podcasting/Voiceover users

Don't forget to check out our unboxing video too.

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